A Guy’s Guide- What Do You Look for In the Best Strip Club?

There are probably enough and more strip clubs where you live. As there’s so many of them, you don’t want to waste your time on one that’s not the best. In this article, we’ll be running through everything that makes a club great. So, what’re you waiting for?

The Number of Strippers

One of the major things you have to keep in mind is the number of strippers the establishment has. It shouldn’t be too little as if they get a lot of people, the strippers’ attention would be divided between you and everyone else in the club.

This isn’t what you want as this results in you getting less than great service. The fact that you have to tip them no matter how great they are means you’ll be spending for lacklustre entertainment. And as we all know; you can’t get away with tipping the bare minimum.

Large names like Busty Babes Australia are known for the sheer number of dancers they have, thankfully.

The Bouncers

To get the best possible experience, you’ll make note of how the bouncers are. If the bouncers are in-your-face and not the friendliest, you’ll have a hard time in the club as they’ll make you walk on egg-shells the entire night. What’s more, they could threaten you for things you didn’t do, or intimidate you to get money out of you.

Thankfully, such a thing is easy to avoid with the help of the internet. With a quick scroll online, you’ll be able to find out how the bouncers of the club you’re looking to go to are.

The Strippers’ Attitudes

Not only should there be an abundance of dancers, the strippers at the club’s disposal should be worth your while. No one wants to deal with rude strippers and unfortunately, they’re quite common. 

Once again, a quick search online can help avoid such a thing.

The Cost of Drinks

If you ever had a drink from a strip club, you’d know that the alcohol they sell is quite expensive. This is as the dancers get a cut from everything you buy.

Thankfully, not all strip clubs are like this as a lot of them offer drinks at a considerable price (but they’re still expensive compared to drinks from a regular bar).

Is the Strip Club Themed?

Depending on where you’re going, the club might be themed. If you’re into that sort of thing, you should look for a club that offers a theme that you’d enjoy. A lot of the time, regular strip clubs have nights that incorporate certain themes, like Thursdays for cow boys.

How Much Are You Expected to Tip?

Depending on where you go, you might also be expected to tip a lot of money. As you probably want to save as much as possible, you’ll have to do your research and find out what users have said. If you don’t tip according to what the club expects, you’ll get horrible service throughout the night. What’s more, you may even be dealt with by the bouncers.

All in all, if you follow the above points, you’ll make way for the best possible experience at the strip club. So, what do you think?

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