A Guide To Purchasing A Mattress For Your Baby’s Cot

If you’ve just bought a crib for your little one, you need a mattress for it. Below, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know before you make the purchase. So, keep reading.

Is It Dense?

The mattress needs to be dense as babies love sleeping on a dense surface. It makes them feel secure which is what we want as otherwise, he’ll be waking up constantly.

You can assess its denseness by checking the mattress in person so don’t buy it online. If it feels very firm, it’s probably dense enough for you.

A great way to assess denseness is by checking the weight of the mattress. If it doesn’t weight that much, it probably isn’t the best suited for you.

Is It Heavy?

Although a heavy mattress is needed, it shouldn’t be too heavy. Even though it would help your little one sleep better, it would be a nightmare to deal with. Because you’d have to remove it from the cot to change its sheet and clean the space overall.

You’d struggle to do this if the mattress was too heavy. Moreover, it would be difficult for you to carry about so if you’re travelling, the mattress would be a headache for you.

Is It Safe?

If you want a cot breathable mattress, thankfully a mesh mattress is just that. Forget about the other options as this is the best. With it, you’ll prevent the accumulation of mould and bacteria.

They thrive in humid, moist environments. As it is meshed, air passes through continuously, ventilating the area so it can’t get humid. Ultimately, the growth of bacteria and mould is hindered.

Not just for this, but a meshed mattress could save your little one’s life. Doctors have come to realize how dangerous it is for babies to sleep on their stomachs. It can lead to Sudden Infant Death syndrome as well as suffocation. The mattress may block his airways when he’s asleep, not letting him breathe.

Thankfully, you avoid this circumstance with a meshed mattress as it ventilation from top to bottom. So, you never have to worry about this nightmare scenario taking place.

How Big Is It?

Measure the dimensions of the crib thoroughly. Cribs and mattresses don’t come in one size so you need to find ones that fit together. Obviously, this can only be achieved through a comparison of each’s dimensions.

What Is It Made Of?

It must be pretty dense. However, the mattress should still be comfortable so don’t purchase a rock.

When you’re at the store, touch the options available and purchase one that you find the most comfortable. Not only must it be comfortable but made from an appropriate material.

Your little one could have sensitive skin so the materials you expose him to should be limited, especially since baby skin is known to be easily irritated.

It’s surface should be cotton, made from a plain fabric without any adornments.

As you can see from the above points, there are numerous things you have to consider to ensure your little one gets the best possible mattress for his crib. So, utilize the above points as it would help.

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