9 Useful Tips For A One-Of-A-Kind Wedding

Are you tired of the cookie-cutter weddings that you have attended?  Do you wish to have a one-of-a-kind wedding for yourself?  With a little imaginings and courageous, your wedding can be one in a million, remembered always by your family and guests.  Make your wedding stand out from the crowd by choosing to do a few or all of the following;

1.      Song Request

Selecting songs to play at your wedding reception can become quite a task.  Moreover, your guests may not enjoy the songs being played.  So why not ask your guests for song suggestions?  You will most likely be able to compile a song list that satisfies different ages, generations, tastes and moods.  Besides, it will be a very different playlist found anywhere!

2.      Polaroid Guest Book

Many sweet memories of your wedding guests can be captured in this novel idea.  Invite guests to take a quick snap of themselves with a Polaroid camera and add their thoughts.

3.      Tea Light Jam Jars

Here is décor with a difference, to add to the ethereal beauty of your garden reception.  Don’t underestimate tea lights or jam jars for that matter!  Insert tea lights into empty jam jars and hang them from the tree branches.

4.      Jam Jar Candle Holder Centre-Pieces

Fill empty jam jars with sand, sea salt or small pebbles.  Place long candles in them and decorate with lace or ribbon in your theme colours.  These serve as amazing wedding centre-pieces.   

5.      Instagram Hashtag

If you are a social media type, a growing trend is to set up an Instagram hashtag so that your guests can tag your wedding.  You can then easily find interesting snapshots for your wedding album.

6.      Colourful Wedding

Since of late bright and colourful weddings are in trend.  A white wedding gown paired with bright accessories, bright suits & neckties or bowties, a sprinkle of confetti inside each invitation, colourful blooms & exotic ferns with brightly coloured vessels, colourful bouquets or boutonnieres, ribbon backdrops, balloons, streamers and vibrant table décor are some suggestions.

7.      Wedding Rings

Choose tungsten wedding rings as an alternative to traditional gold or white gold wedding bands.  Tungsten is highly resistant to abrasions.  Further, it has the highest melting point of any metal on earth and it is ten times stronger than gold!  As such, your wedding band will last for a lifetime without any scratches!  It cannot be destroyed by fire or external pressure.

8.      A Wedding Brunch

Instead of main meals, plan for a sunrise celebration and a leisurely brunch that can be enjoyed with family and friends.  Some of the benefits of this is that it requires no main meals, no large amounts of alcohol and less cumbersome preparation.

9.      Cocktail Receptions

This is a popular alternative to the usual expensive sit-down meal.  You can invite more guests to your cocktail reception that could be held in smaller places, connecting bigger ones, entrances and entry hallways as well as outdoors.  You can hold a cocktail reception at a five-star hotel or easily on a yacht or in your garden.  A few simple finger foods and champagne, wine, beer or soft drinks can be passed amongst your guests or served from designated areas. 

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