5 Tips To Transform Your Home Into The Ideal Wedding Reception Venue

Below are 5 ways you can make your home look amazing enough to host a wedding reception!

1. Give It A Splash Of Paint, It’s Worth Your Money

A traditional wedding will cost you a great deal of money for the venue alone; so you are saving all of that when you decide to host the wedding reception in your home. This being said, though we know getting your house’s paint refreshed can be costly, it’s still more beneficial for you, as you’ll enjoy the beauty and freshness of your walls even after the reception day. If you want to cut costs, you can refresh the paint of only the exterior walls and the areas used for the reception.

2. Spruce Up Your Garden

If any part of the reception is to be held in the garden of your home, then it goes without saying that you’ll have to spruce it up and make it look lush and lavish. For this, it’s best if you do your planting at least 8 weeks prior to the big day. If you don’t use a professional gardener at the moment to keep your garden tidy, we suggest doing so until the wedding at least. Remember that you’re going to get busier as the big day approaches, so you won’t have the time to take care of the garden yourself; no matter how good a gardener you are.

3. Put Up A Shade For Outdoor Dining Or Dancing

Regardless to whether you’re worried about the weather taking a sudden turn, or your guests feeling too hot under the direct sun; if you plan on having the dining area or the dance floor outdoors in the garden, then it’s best if you buy or rent a tent to provide this area with a little shade and protection. A marquee is a better option, as it looks grander due to its size and shape. Search for marquees Melbourne based to cut down transport costs. Don’t forget to get it from a reliable source!

4. Light It Up To Make It Magical

If your plan is to host your reception party in the morning hours, or indoors; then the lighting of your home, paired together with some ornamental light should do the trick to light up your party. But if your party is to be outdoors, that too in the evening, you’ll have to install plenty of additional light to make your venue look magical. Candles, string lights, flames, camp fires…these are all options for you to consider. Be warned though; if kids are to be present at your party, take every precaution to ensure that they don’t accidentally tip any of these fires towards them.


5. Arrange For Adequate Parking

If your home is like any other ordinary house, then you’re only going to have enough parking space for a few people. Rather than having your guests struggle to find parking to get to your venue, consider “borrowing” the garage of your neighboring houses¾with permission of course. Alternatively, you could also rent an empty field close to your home for this purpose. If it’s at a significant distance, you might have to provide “transport” from the parking area to the venue.

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