How To Plan A Corporate Event

Be it for the opening of a new branch or an office, if there’s a corporate event to be held, some poor employee will be stuck with the responsibility of it. A corporate event takes planning but once you get the hang of it, and you make the right contacts, the rest will come easy. If this is your first time dealing with such a responsibility, here are some steps you can follow.

The Details

Before you make any decisions, you need to understand the ‘who, what, why’ aspect of this event. Once you’ve got that sorted, especially the head count, you can get started on your budget. The venue would need to accommodate the event needs and would ideally be chosen based on the type of clients you’re trying to attract. Coordinate who’s in charge of sending out invites and most importantly, make sure everyone understands the company’s goal behind hosting it.

Pin The Date

Your invites have to be sent out at least 4 weeks in advance, which means you have to pick out a date at least two weeks before that. When choosing this, keep an eye out for religious holidays, school breaks, important conferences or events, etc. that might reduce the attendance at your own event.


Your venue, as stated above should be based on your clients as well as the purpose of the event. For example, for an upscale event that includes influential people, you could schedule a yarra valley wineries lunch or perhaps an evening cocktail party. Remember, the location ideally shouldn’t be too far or should be close to highways. In your invite, outline certain things like if your client can bring a partner, if they have any dietary conditions, do you offer parking? Etc. These all make your clients feel more valued at the end of the day.

Event Flow

If you can’t be reached at any point, there should be an emergency contact number that guests or staff can reach for any queries. Make a small flyer that outlines specific details and how the event will flow throughout the day. The guests will have an idea of the processes behind the event this way. It also shows them that there are certain expectations and proceedings in play here.


Set up a table near the entrance so you can warmly welcome your guests. Make sure there’s enough space and you don’t end up causing a jam and also ensure that there is someone separately allocated to handle VIPs. Don’t forget to loosen up and enjoy yourself in the process. Engage with your guests- if you let stress overcome you, it will definitely be obvious to your guests.


Post-event follow-ups are just as important as the event! Thank your guests individually for attending the events and you can also send a feedback form that will help you learn where you need to improve next time!

By using these steps, you can plan and organize a successful corporate event! It might get chaotic on occasion, but never let it show on the outside. Maintain your professionalism at all times.

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