How to Become A True Otaku?

Otakus refer to people who are huge fans of anime, manga or video games. Some uncommon types are obsessed with other interests such as guns and other weapons, robots, and computers. You don’t need to be a Japanese to become an otaku. As long as you have these symptoms, then you belong to the group.

Loves Watching Anime

One of the most important signs that you are an otaku is your love for anime. Watching anime series and movies is a common hobby for otakus. You can download or purchase copies or watch an online stream. There are lots of good anime series to start with such as Ouran Host Club, Bleach and One Piece.

Reads a Lot of Manga

Manga is the Japanese version of comics or visual novels which usually targets young people and adults. Most otakus spend a lot of time reading their favourite manga. Actually, there are some anime series that started off as manga series. Usually, the comic version is better than the animated ones but they’re still great no matter what.

Pick an Anime Crush

For all those times spent watching anime and reading manga, you’ll surely get a crush on the perfect girl or guy. It’s common for otakus to have more than one anime crush, with so many anime characters out there. However, no matter how hard you wish for them to be real, sadly they will never be.

Collect Anime Merchandise

Otakus love collecting all kinds of anime stuff. Some collect from one anime while others simply gather anything that suits their preferences. Anime shirts, action figures and plushies are the most common stuff collected by otaku collectors. Others also love collecting comic books or DVDs of their favourite anime series. Most collectors prefer gathering stuff that is similar in their favourite anime like Jump Force Yu Gi Oh trading cards. Make sure to set aside extra resources to feed your anime needs.

Anime Posters All Around

Anime posters are a common sight in an otaku’s bedroom wall. Covering the entire walls and ceiling with anime posters and stickers is never a taboo, as long as you like its placement and layout.

Learn a Bit of Japanese

Knowing a few Japanese words can help you a lot while watching your favourite anime series. Of course, you can always rely on the subtitles. But it would feel great when you can get what they’re talking about even without glancing at the subtitles. Plus, you can also surprise your friends by speaking Japanese phrases and expressions from time to time.

Do Cosplay

For outgoing otakus, this is a perfect hobby to celebrate their interests. If you have the resources, try a full costume of your favourite anime character and join an anime convention. On the other hand, you can always create your own anime-inspired accessories and wear them on ordinary days.

Being an otaku is fun. Be proud and enjoy your otaku nature with all your otaku friends. 

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