How to Throw the Ultimate Dudes Only Party?

If you are itching to do the exact opposite of “no men allowed” parties, you have come to the right place. If the guys are coming around expecting a kick-ass powwow, cake and Celine Dion music won’t do. Here’s how to throw a mind-numbing party that the guys will never forget:

Don’t Go Cheap on the Booze

When your very male friends, relatives, or colleagues show up, they will expect quality alcohol. So don’t buy regular 12-pack beer cans and think its okay. Buy beer from a good brand but don’t be limited to it. A great host always offers a variety of alcohol. Get those whiskey, vodka, gin, and tonic off the cabinet and let the liquid flow freely among the guests. If this is a party for your snobby guy friends, then throw in some wine to the mix.

Just in case the rare non-drinking buddy shows up, make sure there’s fruit juice in the fridge for them to sip. If you are really into it, mix up mocktails for the sober ones and the designated drivers.

Choose the Right Entertainment

The entertainment is the toughest part to pin down for a great party. Chances are your guy friends will not be satisfied with just a game of Uno or beer pong. Dial up the rowdiness by hiring one or two strippers Perth to keep everyone well entertained. You can offer more ways the guests can occupy themselves with, such as by hosting a poker game.

In any case, choose the entertainment based on the crowd. Some may be down with beer pong and topless dancers, but another lot may prefer wine and video games. Base the entertainment options on what you know the guests would like.

Spend Time Picking the Music Tracks

The music sets the overall mood of the party, so the tracks have to be chosen very carefully. Don’t overcrowd the track list with upbeat numbers the guests may have heard at a dozen other parties. Choose a number of hips of tunes, one or two regular party tracks, and entertaining slow burners to allow the guests some breathing room. As the person that knows the guests best, only you can choose the right tracks that will get everyone’s adrenaline rushing.

Make Sure There’s Food

No one ever loved a party with no snacks. The dudes would love the drinking, but they would also require some pick-me-ups. Make sure there are satisfying snacks available. Do not limit your options to potato chips and salsa. Check out nearby bakeries or supermarkets to see what type of snacks you can buy for the party. There should be vegetarian and meat-filled snacks a plenty to make the party truly memorable.

Don’t Aim to Offend

When planning your dudes-only party, don’t go out of your way to offend people. The aim of the event is for the guys to have a great time. Therefore, only invite people who are willing to go with the vibe of the event. In other words, invite the right people so the party isn’t only fun for some.

Last but not least, be responsible when giving guests alcohol or hiring adult entertainment. Do your research and make sure no one gets hurt, because that would really kill the mood.

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