All the Traits of a Good Hair Stylist

Hairstylists are quite an important facet of life, regardless of gender. At the end of the day, we all love a fresh new haircut and look, and from time-to-time are quite happy to indulge in a makeover. Naturally the hairstylist plays a major role here, especially seeing as how hair is a significant part of making you look good and polishing your overall appearance. In fact, unkempt hair is all too obvious, especially if the rest of your outfit is slick and sharp. However, getting hold of a proper hairstylist is just like trying to find a needle in a haystack, and the search may be a long and arduous one. When you do find that person though, it feels like your whole search has been leading up to this moment, eventually building up a lifelong rapport and relationship. Take a look at some of these traits that define good hairstylists.

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Good Listener

Once you get used to each other this will probably kick in, but a good hairstylist is always a good listener right from the get-go. If it seems like they are pretending to be listening to you and end up doing what they want to your hair anyway, you know what to do. Walk off and never come back. Plenty more fish in the sea as they say, although in entirely different contexts. Coming back to the point, hairstylists who care about what they do and their clients always make it a priority to listen carefully. Plus, people and their hairstylists share a special bond (a strange one maybe, but…) and tend to share each other’s life details so it is definitely a two-way street.


If your hairstylist has an active mind’s eye, you will know it from the get-go. Mind you, talent is not the same thing as creativity here. Talent is being able to cut that incredibly complicated style just as shown in a picture for instance, but creativity is about being able to come up with those styles in your head, and then being able to craft them yourself. Of course given that most of these hairstyles have already made their mark in the world, it can seem hard to come up with anything original, but do not give up; you will be surprised. For instance, look at how you can maybe incorporate hair extensions as well.


There are some hairstylists who do not care about their work nor their clients, and in turn work for salons who also do not care about their clients, so all in all, it is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. On the other hand, you have those who are honest, and would tell you whether a particular look would work or not and why. They will not blindly let you go ahead with it just because they might be able to sell a few products at the same time. You want someone like that to be your hairstylist, since you can fearlessly trust them.

Technical and Manual Skills

Right let us face it, all the above traits are all well and good, but they do not actually get your hair cut now do they? It means your hairstylist needs to be dexterous and proficient at not only being able to work on his/her feet all day, but also operate tools and new equipment when they come in. We do live in the digital age after all, and adaptability is vital.

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