Top 5 Safety Features to Have in a Modern Car

As car production gets more and more advanced, it has come to include a wealth of new safety features in addition to traditional seat belts, air bags, and crumple zones. Their effects so far have been profound and there is every reason why you would want them fitted onto the next car that you buy.

So without any further delay, let us take a look at the top 5 most exciting safety features fitted onto production cars these days.

1. Run-Off Protection

While passive safety devices save lives by helping to prevent accidents before they happen, active safety devices help save lives is situations when a crash is completely unavoidable. The run-off road protection system was introduced for the first time in a Volvo XC90. It can essentially identify when the car is off the road. In an instant, the seat belts stiffen up to keep passengers in the seat and a device that absorbs energy between the seat and seat frame cushions you from the vertical forces you will be struck with after landing.

2. Automatic Crash Response

Even with all the progress made in coming up with better safety devices, the worst case scenario is still a lingering threat to every motorist. That is why having an automatic crash response system in your car is so important. Here is how it works.

In the event of a crash, accurate details regarding the location of your car along with its direction of travel, color, and damage incurred are sent to an advisor. Emergency services are then alerted to the scene.

The system may also contain an SOS button linked to an emergency call service that is one hand 24 hours a day. This will put you in touch with an advisor that can direct the closest emergency service crews to your location. This is soon to be a mandatory feature on all modern cars.

3. Autonomous Emergency Braking

AEB constantly monitors the state of traffic just ahead of you and identifies if and when a crash is likely to happen. It will initially give you a visual or audible warning and will then apply the brakes if you do not respond in time.

4. Head-Up Display (HUD)

This is by far the coolest safety feature of the lot. Not only does it make your car safer to drive, it also makes you feel like a fighter pilot even if your craft is actually a small hatchback. A head-up display projects all the essential information usually shown on the dashboard onto the windscreen just above making it easier to see without taking your eyes off the road.

5. Reverse Camera

There is no shame in admitting that you find parking to be difficult. Even the most basic cars these days are equipped with a parking sensor to assist drivers. But a reverse camera makes the job even simpler. It gives you a live video feed on the area behind your car without needing you to turn back or lean into the rear-view mirror. It is especially handy to have in cars that have poor visibility at the back.



Having these essential safety features in your next car will make your driving experience a lot safer and more enjoyable.

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