How To Host A Stress Free Party?

Getting ready to party with your friends and loved ones? Here are some tips to arrange your party.

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Start With Making The Invitation List

This really depends on the type of party you are going to have. If it is a large cocktail party, try inviting at least 20 percent more attendees than you can actually fit in the space you have. This is a great idea to try out since only 80 to 90 percent will show up at the party.

Do You Have A Theme For The Party?

If you are planning to have some decorations, having a theme would be much easier. This way you can stick to several colors when you are looking to order food, put up decorations as well as bringing in the seating arrangements.

Take Care Of The Basics

Meaning, any beverages that can afford to be ordered beforehand. Although you cannot order the food items during the first phase of your party planning, you can order wines in bulk from places such as Flametree Winery and simply tick off another item from the party planning checklist.

Send Out Your Invitations

You can start to send out invitations. If you are planning to invite anyone who is living far away, you can resort to quick methods of invitation such as emails. However, you might want to call and make sure that they have received the said invitations.

Plan The Menu

Decide if you are planning to use a catering service or if you are planning to prepare the food on your own. If you are planning to prepare the food on your own, make sure to gather up several recipes some of which can be prepared in advance. Make sure that they only need to be heated on the day of the party. Start by making a proper grocery list. If you are planning to hire catering help, it is important that you place the order after deciding on the menu as well. Give them enough time to prepare the food.

Get All The Help You Need

You are going to need help with cleaning. If you are not at the liberty to hire professional help to clean up after everyone at the party, you can pay a high school student to help you clean up the remaining food and the possible mess of the party. The good thing about hiring the student is that you get to pay them a much less amount.

What About Entertainment?

If you are thinking of hiring a mode of entertainment like a band or a DJ, you will have to make the necessary arrangements and make the booking for your entertainment options. If you are planning to take matters into your own hands, you can start with compiling a list of great songs that will fit the type of invitees you are going to have in your party too.

Get To Cleaning

If you’re planning to have the party in your house, you can start by cleaning the house. Put up decorations and get ready to flaunt the interiors.

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