Pro Tips for Online Furniture Shopping in Australia

Shopping online for furniture has many advantages over driving to stores to look at products. Online shopping is overall more convenient and allows shoppers to look at a massive selection of products and compare prices. However, shopping online for anything is not without its caveats, especially when you don’t do your research. If you are thinking about buying new furniture online, here are several important tips from the experts to keep in mind:

Shop During the “Low” Seasons

New furniture typically hit stores around August, when the biggest holiday season is only several months away. During mid-year, around June for example, stores are eager to get rid of leftover merchandise to make room for the new. So sales are quite common during this time of the year. If you are looking to take advantage of steep discounts, mid-year is a good time. Some online stores, however, offer sales and discounts most times of the year. The newly launched Payday Deals furniture online comes with great discounts even at the start of the year.

Combine Coupons with Sale Season

Have coupons for furniture? If so, save them until the sale season hits. That way you can save up double on select items. When a discount is combined with a price reduction offered by a coupon, even high-end items typically out of your budget may become available.

Take Scale of Furniture Seriously

To pick the best furniture, pay close attention to the size and scale of the item, says Monica Bhargava, executive vice president for American-based Pottery Barn. It’s hard to just imagine how much space a piece of furniture could take. Experts’ advice taking out a measuring take and actually measuring the dimensional space where the product would be placed. To realistically understand how much space the item would take, use blue sticky tape to mark the measurements. It’s important to keep in mind to size up the extendable dimensions of furniture like dining tables that can be extended. It’s crucial that the buyer understands how well the new furniture product would fit into the available space.

Look for Websites with After Pay Plans

Can’t pay your choice site for a $1,000 wardrobe in a single transaction? Furniture shopping can be quite expensive. Most people cannot afford to pay massive bills with personal credit or debit cards, particularly at once. If that’s the case with you, it’s best to choose an online store that facilitates after pay plans where the buyer can make incremental payments over the span of several months. This is highly advantageous as it will prevent buyers from having to take out expensive personal loans. Buyers can also afford furniture slightly more expensive than the typical purchase if payments are made over time.

Request Samples

One of the biggest problems with online furniture shopping in the past was lack of colour accuracy in web photos. But screens have massively improved over time. While you can reasonably expect thecolour accuracy of photos, it doesn’t hurt to request a sample, such as of upholstery, for a closer inspection.

Next time you are shopping for furniture online, keep the above in mind.

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