Tips on living a lifestyle that will lower the risk of cancer

Health is one of the main things that we need in our life. However, there are many chronic diseases that we might be susceptible to that will disrupt your health and even put your life in danger. Apart from the biological factorsthatincludegenetics, the other most important factor that would make a person more susceptible to a pathological health condition is the type of lifestyle that you live. Therefore, it is essential that you get on to living the right kind of lifestyle that will keep your health and safe from all the dangeroushealth conditions. Cancer, as we all know is a dangerous disease and it has taken many lives.  We are all interested in loving a lifestyle that will lower the chances of cancer and keep you safe. If you are in doubt of what kind of a lifestyle that you should be living in order to lower the chances of cancer, here are some of the things that you need to know:


Stay away from tobacco

Another of the most commonly used cancer causes are tobacco. The reason behind it is because it is present in cigarettes. Smoking can cause varioustypes of cancer such as lung cancer, throat cancer, bladder cancer, etc. Smoking tobaccoisn’t the only thing that will cause cancer but chewing tobacco can also be dangerous. Therefore, you should assure that you keep away from tobacco. If you make this health decision, you are much safer from cancer.

Your diet

As much as your diet will affect who you are from the inside as well as the outside, it will also decide on how susceptible you are to cancer. Therefore, it is important that you eat fruits and vegetables, avoid being overweight or obese, take in a limited amountofprocessed meat and consume only a moderate amount of alcohol. It has been showed that eating a diet with extra virgin oil and buts will help reduce the chances of breast cancer.

Maintainyour weight and be active

When you look into maintaining your health, you have the chance to be less at risk for cancer. The types of cancer that a person who is overweight is at risk for are breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer and colon cancer. Withthat, you have to assure that you stay physicallyactive as it will help you controlyour weight and remove toxins off of your body that will help you lead on a much cleaner and a safer lifestyle.


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