Healing your body, mind and spirit


Wellness is a state of being where mind, body and spirit are in synchronisation with each other. The mind and spirit have tremendous power to heal the body. We hold on to our thoughts and beliefs and end up creating a lot of stress for ourselves and those around us. If we practice letting go of things that we try so hard to hold onto, we can create a state of wellness for ourselves. Visualise yourself floating on water and just flowing with the flow. You will begin to feel calmer and relaxed. Flotation therapy works the same way. Beyond Rest Melbourne provides a relaxed way to beat stress, heal pain by soaking in a flotation tank and just letting go.

The reduced stimulation encountered in the floatation pool refocuses the individual’s attention to internal stimuli. Even unpleasant thoughts become more pleasant as the body descends into a more deeply relaxed state. Eventually even the parade of thoughts subsides and the mind enters a meditative state. This relaxation is augmented by the full body absorption of magnesium that elicits the release of muscle tension.

Another way to achieve this relaxed state is through meditation. Meditation is about focusing inwards. It does not require deep concentration. On the other hand it is about letting go of the thoughts that clutter the mind. By focusing on anything – your breath, the movement of the fan, a mantra, a symbol. When you focus, you prevent the mind from indulging in unnecessary thoughts and just for those few minutes of meditative state you let the mind be. In other words you turn away from from distracting thoughts and focus on the present moment. Meditation is being in the present. When the mind gets rest from constant thinking or planning it relaxes. A few minutes of meditation can relax and calm you far more than long hours of restless sleep.

Another way of relaxing is by changing our thinking pattern. Training our mind to stop the constant tirade of thoughts powered by our belief system. Scientists like Rosenthal and Emerson advocated the strength behind beliefs. Our beliefs create our reality and in changing our belief system we can change our destiny as the universe responds o our beliefs and thoughts by serving us more of what our thoughts are. Too many thoughts activate the nervous system. By changing our negative thoughts with positive affirmations, we change our belief system and tune our mind into a relaxed state.