Finding yourself


We lead busy lives. We adjust and compromise as we attempt to lead a fulfilling life. With many adjustments and changes, somewhere we loose connection with ourselves. As we loose touch with our feelings and emotions, we feel dissatisfied with life and do not understand the reason behind the discontent. We desire to feel nourished and full of love; for ourselves and our family. But we don’t understand how to go about it.

This is the point where we look for guidance and empowerment. This is the point where a life coach can help. A life coach is someone that empowers people, by helping them meet their own internal goals – both personal and professional. StellaMuse Life Coaching guides you to create and live a life you love from the inside out and to live your highest potential.

By empowering an individual with self confidence, the life coach provides the tools required for growth. Growth involves change.

Change is good as it helps us open up to new ways of living and being. A life coach helps us understand our beliefs and thought patterns and helps us to break through limiting beliefs that prevent us from moving forward in life. because our thoughts remain stuck in the same pattern we continue to create the same reality again and again. We get conditioned to living and thinking in a certain way, such that we never explore different ways of being. We think we are victims of circumstances and fate does not comply with us.

When we interact with a life coach, the life coach helps us identify current thoughts and the pattern we weave around these thoughts. The life coach helps you see the reasoning and the source behind the thoughts and helps you to understand whether the thoughts support your value system or not. When you understand the process, it becomes easy for you to take control of your thoughts. We all understand the power of positive thinking and it’s relation with manifestation. If you believe and put your faith in something, it is bound to manifest.

The Life Coach uses scientifically based tools and strategies to help you overcome fears, addictions, and limiting beliefs. Thus helping you transit from who you are to who you want to be.