Three reasons when you would require the services of a Commercial Litigation firm

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Communication and negotiation are winning strategies for a business. Growth and expansion are it’s side effects. With growth, varied opinions and disagreements can pop up from time to time.
The best way to handle disagreements is to negotiate and work out the best terms that suit both parties. However, income cases this is not possible and individual opinions clash with each other resulting in conflict. This is the point where both parties essentially give up control and request a third-person (the arbitrator or judge) to impose a decision to resolve the dispute.

Commercial litigation is a general term that applies to any type of litigation or controversy related to business issues. Cardinal Commercial Litigation Perth is a Perth CBD-based legal practice which offers strategic commercial litigation and dispute resolution services to domestic and international clients across a range of industry sectors, specialising in assisting clients to resolve complex disputes and manage regulatory and compliance risks.

Not all disputes legally settled are resolved by going to the courts. Negotiation, mediation and arbitration are some of the ways conflict can be resolved.

When you negotiate, you work on a win win situation for both sides. You can negotiate directly or you can hire an attorney to carry out the negotiation. There are no specific rules and regulations for the negotiation process. Once both sides come to an agreement, it becomes a negotiated agreement and a contract can be drawn up. this makes the negotiation enforceable.

In mediation and third party or person works to resolve conflict between the disagreeing parties. Mediation is often a result of an unsuccessful negotiation. The whole purpose of the mediating person or firm is to move towards a solution agreeable to both parties.

Mediation is a voluntary process in which an impartial person (the mediator) helps with communication and promotes reconciliation between the parties which will allow them to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Mediation often is the next step if negotiation proves unsuccessful. The mediator is not the decision maker. both the parties make their own settlement. The mediator can meet the parties separately or together. Mediations are generally held in the office of the mediator or other agreed location.

Arbitration on the other hand is a method of dispute resolution where the arbitrator controls the process. By listening to both sides, the arbitrator gives a decision for settlement. This is mostly an out of court settlement.

Finding yourself

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We lead busy lives. We adjust and compromise as we attempt to lead a fulfilling life. With many adjustments and changes, somewhere we loose connection with ourselves. As we loose touch with our feelings and emotions, we feel dissatisfied with life and do not understand the reason behind the discontent. We desire to feel nourished and full of love; for ourselves and our family. But we don’t understand how to go about it.

This is the point where we look for guidance and empowerment. This is the point where a life coach can help. A life coach is someone that empowers people, by helping them meet their own internal goals – both personal and professional. StellaMuse Life Coaching guides you to create and live a life you love from the inside out and to live your highest potential.

By empowering an individual with self confidence, the life coach provides the tools required for growth. Growth involves change.

Change is good as it helps us open up to new ways of living and being. A life coach helps us understand our beliefs and thought patterns and helps us to break through limiting beliefs that prevent us from moving forward in life. because our thoughts remain stuck in the same pattern we continue to create the same reality again and again. We get conditioned to living and thinking in a certain way, such that we never explore different ways of being. We think we are victims of circumstances and fate does not comply with us.

When we interact with a life coach, the life coach helps us identify current thoughts and the pattern we weave around these thoughts. The life coach helps you see the reasoning and the source behind the thoughts and helps you to understand whether the thoughts support your value system or not. When you understand the process, it becomes easy for you to take control of your thoughts. We all understand the power of positive thinking and it’s relation with manifestation. If you believe and put your faith in something, it is bound to manifest.

The Life Coach uses scientifically based tools and strategies to help you overcome fears, addictions, and limiting beliefs. Thus helping you transit from who you are to who you want to be.

Healing your body, mind and spirit

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Wellness is a state of being where mind, body and spirit are in synchronisation with each other. The mind and spirit have tremendous power to heal the body. We hold on to our thoughts and beliefs and end up creating a lot of stress for ourselves and those around us. If we practice letting go of things that we try so hard to hold onto, we can create a state of wellness for ourselves. Visualise yourself floating on water and just flowing with the flow. You will begin to feel calmer and relaxed. Flotation therapy works the same way. Beyond Rest Melbourne provides a relaxed way to beat stress, heal pain by soaking in a flotation tank and just letting go.

The reduced stimulation encountered in the floatation pool refocuses the individual’s attention to internal stimuli. Even unpleasant thoughts become more pleasant as the body descends into a more deeply relaxed state. Eventually even the parade of thoughts subsides and the mind enters a meditative state. This relaxation is augmented by the full body absorption of magnesium that elicits the release of muscle tension.

Another way to achieve this relaxed state is through meditation. Meditation is about focusing inwards. It does not require deep concentration. On the other hand it is about letting go of the thoughts that clutter the mind. By focusing on anything – your breath, the movement of the fan, a mantra, a symbol. When you focus, you prevent the mind from indulging in unnecessary thoughts and just for those few minutes of meditative state you let the mind be. In other words you turn away from from distracting thoughts and focus on the present moment. Meditation is being in the present. When the mind gets rest from constant thinking or planning it relaxes. A few minutes of meditation can relax and calm you far more than long hours of restless sleep.

Another way of relaxing is by changing our thinking pattern. Training our mind to stop the constant tirade of thoughts powered by our belief system. Scientists like Rosenthal and Emerson advocated the strength behind beliefs. Our beliefs create our reality and in changing our belief system we can change our destiny as the universe responds o our beliefs and thoughts by serving us more of what our thoughts are. Too many thoughts activate the nervous system. By changing our negative thoughts with positive affirmations, we change our belief system and tune our mind into a relaxed state.